Beautiful Art by a Beautiful Woman, a True Inspiration.

Published September 16, 2012 by callmeabs85

I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful woman, that I’m lucky to have in my life. 

Her name is April Jarocka, she is a true inspiration. 

If you’re a lover of art, you will understand how excellent she really is. 

April has always has a steady hand for drawing and painting, but kept it in the background as she trained to be a nurse. She met a wonderful man, god married, had two beautiful children and then her adventure started. 


Her work is fantastic. Check out her facebook page

April also has a sweet tooth, which she expresses by creating wonderful chocolaty pictures. 

Now, what I haven’t mentioned is that she is my Aunt. Okay, I am biased, aren’t we all. But her work really is stunning. I would recommend you check her out. Image 

You can also purchase prints of her paintings, She has just introduced some excellent iPhone cases to. You can find all of her information on her facebook page. Or

ImageI only wish I had a steady hand and perfect eye for art.Every time I see a new painting pop up on my news feed, I get a little warm glow of envy pass over me. I would love a gallery of all of her paintings. I am truly her biggest fan, and want to share it with you. 

ImageImageI think are going to look lovely on my wall…..

And of course continuing the sweet theme….ImageImage

So if you would like to explore her lovely paintings and drawings. Please go and check out April’s page.


Link for the iPhone cases…

Link for April Jarocka Fine Art….


I hope you all enjoy browsing as much as I do. 

New beginnings, new chapters, new cats!!!

Published September 15, 2012 by callmeabs85

Hi all,


I haven’t blogged in a long time, and quite frankly…. I miss it.

What’s new in my life you ask? Well I have a lovely new man…which is impossible to get a picture of him, so I’m afraid no picture of him…yet!

I also have two new cats, Ginge 16 months old, he was my mothers, but she couldn’t keep him because she lived in a top floor flat, and he wanted to explore…. Then last week I got a 15 week old kitten, which I’ve named George….Both of which are gorgeous.

Although, the new man isn’t one for having animals in the bedroom, so it’s a fighting battle as I’ve grown up with cats and allowing to go wherever they like.

George is still at the suckling stage and finds my ear lobe tasty! Image This is george! How cute? 


This is ginge! Gorgeous isn’t he! ? 


Both sharing some quality drinking time….in my bathroom sink! 

It’s often a meeting place for myself and the cats. As soon as I go in to the bathroom, they are there….waiting for the tap to be turned on. George often sits on my shoulder whilst having a wee… ha!


Ginge just wants a drink…even though they have a bowl full in the kitchen. 


Now….enough about cat’s…… 

I’m back at uni on Tuesday….going to be a scary year. Lots of people have failed this course on the second year….So fingers crossed please! 


Lot’s of study time for me! The odd blog to keep you up to date with my stupid animals and mad thoughts along the way. 


Take care guys xxx





Me…. How thing’s have changed since the 80’s!!!

Published May 21, 2012 by callmeabs85


ImageImageImageImageImageWell I thought I would share with you all these lovely pictures of me as a child. Some are super cute i.e. the baby pictures. The day I was born and the one where my mum let my dad feed me…as you can tell he just gave me the spoon and let me get on with it.

but then theres the horrible puffball skirt….how was that ever in fashion? and why did my mother make it AND make me wear it? lol!

Whats with the psychedelic jumper? How is that even cool…you have to love the 80’s!! haha!

Then there is me as She-ra….only a few of us will remember that! 😀 I was just so cool!

My worst… far has to be the huge glasses that my mother insists on telling me that I chose…. But why would she let me do that! lol!

I thought I would throw in the lampshade picture too….just because! Oh and the one of me stealing my dads beer when I was 3….

So here you go people, have a good laugh and remember the 80’s as they should be remembered…… awful clothes and it was ok for a 3 year old to steal ya beer! The music wasn’t too bad though! ;-D

Published May 21, 2012 by callmeabs85

Amazing… how true is this!

1. A woman with a firm handshake

I don’t know about you, but I appreciate a confident, firm handshake when shaking another woman’s hand.  Nothing is worse than going in for an assertive grip only to be met by a feeble handshake in return . Those limp hand shakes are for the birds, and leave me asking, “What woman started this wimpy habit?”  I think there is something so refreshing about a woman with some substance behind that palm.  To me, it says, “I’m a strong, capable, secure woman, and I’m not afraid to show it.”  C’mon ladies, men do it, so why don’t we?

2. Eating dinner alone

When I was younger I hated being alone.  I could easily spend days and nights completely consumed by hanging out with my friends.  In fact, the first day I met my friend Reagan, we ended up spending nearly a week…

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