Cats, friends and lots of laughs!

Published May 16, 2012 by callmeabs85


I’d like you all to meet my lovely little cat. Her name is Fluffy, AKA scabby cat. She used to live next to one of my friends, and day after day she would come and sit on my lap. She was an awful browny/dirty colour, very skinny, ribs poking out. She used to sleep in the road by the kerb, in all the leaves. All she wanted was a little affection.
I was house sharing with someone who hated cats, after a year she moved on, and one of my friends moved in with me. I was my friends house and again the cat jumped on my lap wanting a cuddle. I knocked on the door and told them I was taking her, there were not bother in the slightest. I put her in my car, she happily sat on the parcel shelf whilst driving less than a mile home.

When I took her indoors, my house mate asked “what it was”. Whilst Fluffy was still a little shaken, I thought I’d give her a bath and clean her up. As I was washing her she looked like a drowned rat, poor thing. Jo (my housemate) went to the shop and got food, litter and a tray.

Fluffy wasn’t too happy with being wet through, but I wrapped her in a towel and cuddled her dry.

As the days went on she started to get more comfortable at the house. She followed me everywhere, slept on my pillow and was my shadow.

She had an allergy to something an ear infection and a skin condition that couldn’t be resolved. She was always cleaning and licking her back. Which of course made it worse. I tried all sorts of expensive antibiotics, creams, tests all sorts. The vet was a little confused.

I started giving her half an anti histamine, and cleaning her ears and putting eye drops in her ears. It all cleared up.

As the weeks went on, it started to creep back in. The vets were too expensive.

The skin condition is is from her over cleaning. Which we think is from the anxiety of her living conditions previously.

Anyway, after 3 years, I have now moved in to my own flat, with fluffy, and she has never been so happy and playful.

I don’t understand how people can treat animals so cruelly, I just can’t figure it out, but I’m fully aware that there are a lot of good people out there taking in stray animals and looking after them!

I know this is pretty long winded, but I thought I’d share with you my lovely little story of my scabby cat, so when you see pictures, you’ll understand! 😀 xxxx




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