Love England, love the beach.

Published May 17, 2012 by callmeabs85


This is Bigbury-on-Sea, a beautiful beach near Kingsbridge, South Devon. I spent every summer here as a child. My father worked in Salcombe a beautiful little fishing village, and used to drop myself and my mother to Bigbury on the way to work. He would later join us for a few hours then we’d go home at dusk.
I have my fondest memories here, the fun was intense, the adventures of winkle picking in the rock pools and finding limpets and all sorts of sea creatures.

Watching the adrenalin junkies windsurfing or kite surfing was exciting,I was envious that I would never have the courage to do such things. I always took a friend, whilst mother sunbathed and relaxed, smoking away and reading glossy magazines, me and my friend would mission around the beach, making friends swimming and having fun. The waves that would be taller than the cliffs, wow, we would sit in our rubber rings and wait for them to come and get us. The odd cliff dive if we had the courage, although I think this has been band now.
The sandy sandwiches, sandy bum and hot lemonade, my mum and dad having to practically drag me out of the water at 9pm as I wouldn’t get out of the sea. I was certainly a proper little water baby.

It’s a shame I’ve had to grow up, although I still go to Bigbury when I get the chance, it’s not quite as much fun. But that’s just because I’m getting older, and don’t have any children.

The beautiful thing about Bigbury is Burgh Island. When there is low tide, Bigbury splits in to “two” beaches and a sandy path to Burgh Island appears. However when the hide tide arrives, it becomes “one” beach again, the island is still accessible though. There is a rather famous (amongst Devon Folk, and holiday makers) sea-tractor, which drives through the waters to get you to Burgh Island.
On the Island, there is a beautiful, also quite famous pub, The Pilchard Inn. A wondrous art-deco, award winning hotel that encourages guests to dress in 1920’s attire, for the fun and experience of that era.

The beach itself is glorious, it has a cafe, which only use local produce, (although a little pricey, but you are on holiday so what do you expect), I shop, for all those fun loving parents to spend handfuls of money on buckets and spades, and rubber rings. (I bought a new one every year). The beach has won the ‘Blue Flag’ award for the safety, and from May to September, lifeguards are there to keep a safe eye on your little tykes. There is even disabled access, which is amazing in this day and age, we took my nan to the beach a few times, and she was wheelchair bound, Bigbury is one of the few beaches that enable this to happen. Dogs are also aloud on the beach, they have certain areas to which they can run and play, again quite rare.

If your ever thinking of having a few days away in England, I would recommend Devon, there is just so much on offer. Surrounding Bigbury beach are smaller beaches, Challaborough, Thurlston. It’s stunning.

Us English folk do not appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

The fun that as had, the laughs, the memories. I enjoyed every second of my summer holidays. Everyone was so friendly and you make so many friends on the beach you lose count.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of writing this blog, and remembering the fun times I had as a child. I hope you enjoy it just as much.





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