How facebook ruined people!

Published May 18, 2012 by callmeabs85


Well tonight I deleted my Facebook account. It’s a positive way to make enemies, lose friends, shit stir, have arguments with people you hardly know, and indirectly slag people off!

Baring in mind, 8/10 of my “friends” are actually my friends… But the odd few who don’t “understand” my sense of humour and generally don’t know me, take offensive to my status updates.

Which offends me… I’m generally a fun, loving person. I take the piss, I laugh at innapropriate jokes, and say things to offend…. Just to get a laugh.

I was thoroughly pissed off today when someone who I thought got my sense of humour started giving me shit over what I’d consider, “less offensive” than previous status’.

I’ve been contemplating diactivating it for some time now, but tonight clarified it for me.
All I ever hear on Facebook is people whining, moaning and slagging off others. It’s depressing! So many people lose friends and argue I just don’t think it’s worth it.

Anyway I have Twitter and WordPress, so I don’t feel like I’ve lost out!

Rant over!

Muchos xxx



2 comments on “How facebook ruined people!

  • One of the many reasons that I do not have a Facebook account myself. Seems that no matter where you live, (in US) it is the same. Probably 90% of my friends have Facebook and it is all I here about. Who did that to who, what did they just say. Ridiculous.
    Loved this rant!!

    • Exactly my point! and to be honest with you Eric, if I want to know something about someone, I’ll ask! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Spread the word my lovely friend! 😀 xx Abs xx

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