The reason woman have no faith in men!

Published May 18, 2012 by callmeabs85

The reason woman have no faith in men!

I’m on a local dating site, which to be fair is generally a joke. You do get the odd nice ones that manage to filter through, although as this picture suggests, not very often. He asked if I would ”lyk a gud sein 2” which immediately suggests he is a complete retard just from the way he writes. I replied saying that it wasn’t the best chat up line I’ve ever heard. We then stopped talking. Then a few days later he text again, asking how I was and if I’d ”finishd mi pissi nw”, to which I replied I wasn’t in a pissy and that he was just being a plain old nob. I then went on to tell him that wasn’t interested seeing as he had sent a picture of his cock to 4 woman, to whom I know. He denied all pictures, even though I had seen them. To which he told me I was lying. Anyway ”long story short” (ha) he replied with this once I had said goodbye.
Isn’t he charming? Men wonder why have such a low opinion of them…well here ya go lads!


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