What is love? I’m now confused? :/

Published May 18, 2012 by callmeabs85


I thought I’d have a good old fashioned moan about men, love and complete confusion!

I’m not “perfect”, far from it, I’m not some supermodel who can prance around in a bikini and hot pants. BUT I am a woman, I have a beautiful face, and quite good boobs. My stomach looks ok, when I lay down lol! My personality on the other hand, well let’s say it’s rather temperamental. I’m funny, generally happy, have the most contagious laugh, and usually can’t string a sentence together when excited, (it comes out jibberish).

I’ve nearly been married, but managed to escape that god awful situation. I’ve dated a few guys, which I thought went quite well, although after 4 months, and getting rather attatched to his family and children, being told he wasn’t ready for a relationship was the last thing I expected to hear.

Anyway, the point of this blog is to see if writing this out actually helps me to realise what the hell it is I do wrong!

Okay, I say the wrong thing, I laugh at innapropriate jokes. I swear, I smoke, and 9/10 I talk complete shit (as you can tell). But I tend to go out of my way, kind of mother guys, make sure their washing is done, dinner on the table when finished work, etc. so I’m figuring, maybe I should stop bring so ‘nice’ and see if my knight in shining armour does exist. All I ask for is a little respect, attention, to be told in beautiful and hug me like you love me. Is that really too much to ask?!

Men confuse me. Full stop. I don’t get them. I don’t know what they want. I thought it was as simple as cooking them dinner, giving them a BJ and sending them down the pub. From experience… No, that’s not it at all.

Guys, just hold the door open for a lady once in a while, buy her some cheap, crap £1.99 flowers from the garage. And hug her like you love her. Jobs a goodun!

This hasn’t made me realise bugger all about myself except I like the whine! :/



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