A little bit of spice & all things nice!

Published May 20, 2012 by callmeabs85

ImageI was incredibly lucky try these today. From the wonderful WILTSHIRE CHILLI FARM. Twitter; @wiltshirechilli

Now I’ve popped these ones in the order I tasted them…mild to hot….

The Habanero Gold…… Chilli Jam…. this is beautiful. Sweet, but with a little tang and will go beautifully with cheese or pork.

The Fruity Chili Sauce…… again so lovely I could eat the bottle…. perfect for a bacon sarnie, potato wedges and with cheese.

Hellish Habanero…. Well like the bottle suggests ‘add to everything’….Very hot…but would make a mean chilli.

Have a look online and see when Wiltshire Chilli Farm are around your neck of the woods….I’d advise everyone to check them out and have a taste test, there are so many more to try.

Follow them on twitter.

Trust me, you’ll want more once you’ve tried more!


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