Me…. How thing’s have changed since the 80’s!!!

Published May 21, 2012 by callmeabs85


ImageImageImageImageImageWell I thought I would share with you all these lovely pictures of me as a child. Some are super cute i.e. the baby pictures. The day I was born and the one where my mum let my dad feed me…as you can tell he just gave me the spoon and let me get on with it.

but then theres the horrible puffball skirt….how was that ever in fashion? and why did my mother make it AND make me wear it? lol!

Whats with the psychedelic jumper? How is that even cool…you have to love the 80’s!! haha!

Then there is me as She-ra….only a few of us will remember that! 😀 I was just so cool!

My worst… far has to be the huge glasses that my mother insists on telling me that I chose…. But why would she let me do that! lol!

I thought I would throw in the lampshade picture too….just because! Oh and the one of me stealing my dads beer when I was 3….

So here you go people, have a good laugh and remember the 80’s as they should be remembered…… awful clothes and it was ok for a 3 year old to steal ya beer! The music wasn’t too bad though! ;-D


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