New beginnings, new chapters, new cats!!!

Published September 15, 2012 by callmeabs85

Hi all,


I haven’t blogged in a long time, and quite frankly…. I miss it.

What’s new in my life you ask? Well I have a lovely new man…which is impossible to get a picture of him, so I’m afraid no picture of him…yet!

I also have two new cats, Ginge 16 months old, he was my mothers, but she couldn’t keep him because she lived in a top floor flat, and he wanted to explore…. Then last week I got a 15 week old kitten, which I’ve named George….Both of which are gorgeous.

Although, the new man isn’t one for having animals in the bedroom, so it’s a fighting battle as I’ve grown up with cats and allowing to go wherever they like.

George is still at the suckling stage and finds my ear lobe tasty! Image This is george! How cute? 


This is ginge! Gorgeous isn’t he! ? 


Both sharing some quality drinking time….in my bathroom sink! 

It’s often a meeting place for myself and the cats. As soon as I go in to the bathroom, they are there….waiting for the tap to be turned on. George often sits on my shoulder whilst having a wee… ha!


Ginge just wants a drink…even though they have a bowl full in the kitchen. 


Now….enough about cat’s…… 

I’m back at uni on Tuesday….going to be a scary year. Lots of people have failed this course on the second year….So fingers crossed please! 


Lot’s of study time for me! The odd blog to keep you up to date with my stupid animals and mad thoughts along the way. 


Take care guys xxx






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